Things to do

The Waterberg Wilderness Reserve offers self-drive game viewing, hiking, picnicking, and cooling off in the natural springs.

Looking for the ideal getaway for your family and 4×4 vehicle, Waterberg Wilderness Reserve offers an exclusive wilderness getaway which is accessible by 4×4 vehicles or vehicles with good ground clearance only. Certain routes require a 4×4 vehicle while a number of the roads are still suitable for a vehicle with ground clearance like a ‘bakkie’ or SUV.

A real bushveld experience for the nature enthusiast only 3 hours from Johannesburg and 2.5 hours from Pretoria.

There are no specific trails and it is not a 4×4 track but an area where you genuinely need an appropriate vehicle to enjoy the weekend away in one of those unspoilt natural areas close to Gauteng.

To keep the reserve exclusive we do not usually allow day trippers and keep the reserve exclusively for those staying over.

Things to do at Waterberg Wilderness Reserve